I used to have yo-yo blood pressure. Now, after a ten-months-HyperetnsionOK treatment, I’ve checked it out with a heart monitor examination and things are getting great. 

I had a follow-up with Dr. Raggi right now. Ten months ago, I started a course of treatments used by the Doctor and a personalized diet…. Because, you know, the most important thing is changing your lifestyle. I used to have a yo-yo blood pressure, and that’s why doctors wanted me to take two tablets rather than one. The problem is I can’t really tolerate medicines, because of the side effects. Now, I lost weight and my blood pressure lowered after only ten months of this treatment! I’ve checked pressure out with a heart monitor exam and things are getting great. I really recommend Dr. Raggi as a specialist.

Giuliana Dezio,

I finished the treatment 6 months ago and now I feel healed. In my opinion, this is absolutely a valid treatment

When I first arrived at Dr. Raggi’s studio I was feeling awful… It had been years I was affected by pressure peaks and nobody could understand why. I trusted Dr. Raggi from the start: when I first called his studio they have been so nice and helpful to me.

I finished the treatment 6 months ago and now I feel healed. In my opinion, this is absolutely a valid treatment.

Rossella Corrado, Brindisi

I used to have high blood pressure and diabetes; now, thanks to Dr. Raggi’s therapies, diabetes lowered and pressure has regularized. 

I’ve come to you through Dr. Fiorucci because I used to have high blood pressure and diabetes…

Thanks to the therapies, I’ve found loads of benefits: I feel better, I walk better, diabetes lowered, pressure has regularized. Pressure and diabetes values measured at home are the same as the ones measured at the health center. I really want to thank you, but also Dr. Fiorucci and his team, who are amazing. I’ll recommend you to all the people who have the same problems I had because I want all people feeling good to praise the Lord! (sister act)

Madre Dorotea

I’ve been suffering from hypertension for 14 years and I’ve never been able to get through it … Then I’ve found out HypertensionOK and I thought: “Let’s give it a try…” 

I’ve tried HypertensionOK because I’ve been through high blood pressure for 14 years and I could never help it. I’ve changed many types of medicines with no results…

After 14 years, I’ve said to myself: “ok, let’s give it a try…”

As I arrived at Dr. Raggi center, his staff measured my blood pressure and, as usual, values were 195 mmHg – 103 mmHg. So, I started intravenous low-power laser therapy, and, after the second session, pressure already lowered a lot.

I must say that… At first, I was a bit skeptical, but when I finished the treatment, I realized how much my pressure lowered (now values are perfectly 120/90) and I’m so happy! The entire course took me 3 weeks and the diet I’ve followed was not strict at all.

Now that sessions are over, I need to thank all of you because I finally reached the results I’ve always wanted to reach.

 Daniela Capece – Roma

My blood pressure lowered pretty fast…

I’m 67 years old and I’ve worked as a nurse for 40 years. I’ve come to Dr. Raggi’s studio because, after my retirement, I’ve found out I was suffering from hypertension. The only thing I wanted after my retirement was enjoying my life but hypertension became a burden…

I started to take some medicines trying to “fix” somehow my problem, but it’s never worked. When I first met Dr. Raggi my blood pressure values were about 160 mmHg and 90 mmHg. I believed him and I started this new journey.

After the second session of intravenous low-power laser therapy, I’ve already started to feel better already. I mean, before the treatment, I couldn’t walk without wheezing, now I feel restored. My blood pressure lowered incredibly fast, too.

Sessions are over and this morning my pressure values were 115 mmHg / 71 mmHg. I feel very good now and I’ve even lost 4 kilos!

Giuseppina Di Virgilio – Infermiera – Roma

I am a pharmacist from Rieti, I am hypertensive, or rather I have been hypertensive for 10 years. Now the pressure is 120/80 and no longer moves from there ……

I am a pharmacist from Rieti, I am hypertensive, or rather I have been hypertensive for 10 years .

I had borderline pressure.

After meeting Dr Raggi, I performed an intravenous laser and a lifestyle correction.

We have achieved the goal. I reduced the tablets, I lost a few kg but the most important thing is my pressure which now travels on values ​​of 120/80 and does not move from there anymore!

Giovanni L’Abbate -Rieti

Before the treatment, minimum values sometimes reached over 100 mmHg, now are about 120/74, and that brings me back to my youth!

I’ve been suffering from high pressure for around 7 years and the minimum values sometimes reached over 100 mmHg. I used to take medicines for Hypertension. Then, one day, a friend of mine recommended me Dr. Raggi and, well…, I made an appointment! I’ve scrupulously followed Dr. Raggi’s directions about the diet.

After 10 sessions, I can truly say that my blood pressure values have finally regularized.   I’ve reduced the number of tablets that I used to take. Now I just take ¼ tablet in the morning and ¼ in the evening.

I’m very satisfied: now my values are about 120/74 and that brings me back to my youth!

Giacomini Giampaolo – Terni

I used to take 4 different anti-hypertensive tablets. They gave me so many side effects: weight gain, feet and ankles swelling… and blood pressure was about 150/105. Then, I decided to start the HypertensionOk method 

I’m 52 years old e and I’ve been hypertensive for around 12 years. My values were about 150/105 mmHg and I used to take 4 different anti-hypertensive tablets a day. They gave me so many side effects, such as weight gain and feet and ankles swelling. Then I decided to start the HypertensionOK method. I started with intravenous laser therapy, diet and supplements. After only 15 days, my pressure values got to 95/65 mmHg.  For this reason, I needed to reduce the anti-hypertensive tablets posology.

Currently, my values are about 103/73 mmHg and I’m fully satisfied with Dr. Raggi’s therapy. Thank you!

Marco Specchi

Despite medicines, I used to have high pressure. That worried me so much. I met Dr. Raggi and my pressure values lowered in only 10 days!

I used to have high pressure, and, despite the medicines, values (seemed to never go down) seem don’t want to go down. That worried me so much. I was afraid about what would happen to me if things hadn’t got better… Then I started the therapy with Dr. Raggi: he corrected my diet, gave me supplements, and made me begin intravenous low-power laser treatment.

Blood pressure values lowered in only 10 days and in 3 weeks I was able to quit medicines. Right now, I feel good: I’ve lost a few kilos, blood pressure is perfect, and no more tablets! Today, hypertension is the only thing I don’t worry about!

Zuccacci Maria Luisa – Terni

I used to have high pressure at night. I was worried I could have a stroke because of that. I started HypertensionOk, and in 3 weeks heart monitor exam gave me the best results I could hope. 


I started this therapy because I was suffering from high blood pressure. I used to take tablets but I could not always regularize it.

So, I came to Dr. Raggi’s studio. Before starting any treatment, I took made a heart monitor examination and I figured out I had frequent pressure peaks. Even taking tablets didn’t help, and I was worried it could lead me to a heart stroke, or ischemia.

After a 3-weeks-course of HypertensionOK, my blood pressure regularized. Dr. Raggi had me take a heart monitor and I had the best results I could hope. No more night peaks!

Rossana Moretti – Terni

I quite anti-hypertensive drugs because I’ve reached even 100/60 with them!

I live in a place called Chiusi, Tuscany, and, after reading an interview on an Umbria local newspaper, I decided to meet Dr. Raggi. I was affected by Hypertension and I used to take tablets to regularize it, but with no results. I started intravenous low-power laser therapy with Dr. Raggi.

It took me 10 sessions, 3 times a week. I also stopped taking medicines because when I took them I reached even lower levels such as 100/60

Valentina Angeli – Terni

My blood pressure values were about 160/100. Then I started the therapy with Dr. Raggi and now I’m fully satisfied.

When I first met Dr. Raggi two years ago, I had a problem with my blood pressure, (probably) maybe due to a tough period. I’ ve reached 160/100 mmHg and my blood test results weren’t so good too: high cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar values were worrying.

So, I decided to rely on Dr. Raggi’s therapy.  I’ve only carried out an intravenous low-power laser treatment and a not very strict diet because I didn’t need to lose weight.  Thanks to that, I’ve been able to lower my blood pressure values, and blood test results are excellent! I’m holding up very well, and I’m happy with that!

Roberto Anulli – Terni

I also stopped taking the pressure tablet because with the tablet I even went to values ​​of 100/60!

I live in Chiusi and I turned to Dr. Raggi for hypertension because I read an interview long ago in the newspaper of Umbria. I suffered from hypertension and took antihypertensive tablets but the pressure remained above the guard levels. I then started the therapy of Dr Raggi and the pressure gradually normalized. I also carried out intravenous laser therapy three times a week for a total of 10 therapies. I also stopped taking the pressure tablet because with the tablet I even went to values ​​of 100/60!

Paolo Capoccioli

Personally, I found great benefit from the treatment carried out at this center.

Personally, I found great benefit from the treatment carried out at this center.

Paolo Carnassale

I have to thank Dr. Raggi who with his professionalism and competence managed to alleviate the pain caused by the herpes zoster virus, I was not aware of this therapy, the low frequency intravenous laser, and I must say that I had a great time, even the nursing staff, as well as trained, are very friendly and helpful, I can say that the worst is over.

Maria Pia Falvo

Personally, I found great benefit from the treatment carried out at this center.

Personally, I found great benefit from the treatment carried out at this center.

Simona Fratticcioli

I found myself very well with both Dr. Raggi and his collaborators. competence, professionalism “and kindness!

Elvio Millevoi

I found great professionalism both from Dr. Raggi and his staff.

I believe that for an effective cure, Dr. Raggi’s instructions should be followed to the letter.


Elvio Millevoi

I’m doing therapy for high blood pressure.

After 8 sessions my pressure dropped to acceptable levels, which allowed me to reduce drug therapy.

I am satisfied both for the clinical result obtained and for the information received about the nutrition studied for each individual and for having identified the toxic foods for me.

I thank Dr. Raggi and his team for the professionalism, attention and kindness received.

Antonietta D Amico

Suggested to me by some colleagues who had already made use of his services, Dr. Raggi proved to be largely up to it, confirming his undoubted professional and human qualities; by consistently following the correct lifestyle that he studies and proposes by calibrating it on the particular situation of individual patients, I have achieved a remarkable improvement in my quality of life which I am able to maintain without particular sacrifice. Special thanks to him and all his team.

Carlo Graziosi

Great professionalism and availability. The results are excellent already after only a few weeks. The approach is within everyone’s reach (lifestyle changes perfectly passable by anyone) and allows you to use an alternative route to taking new drugs, something to avoid for obvious reasons. The most effective of the proven medical strategies for long-term hypertension and for which, drug therapy was starting to be insufficient. I also state that the excellent results already achieved are only the initial ones and therefore they bode well that things will go even better in the adjustment phase, that is, in the next weeks and months. All this thanks to the great competence of Dr. Raggi and his great intuition to target, for an insidious risk factor such as hypertension, to something within everyone’s reach, but to which few doctors aim so decisively: lifestyle. With zero side effects

Mark Benta

Thanks to dr. Rays that gave me back the joy of life. For my hypertension problem I consulted several specialists and even a center of excellence, but none had been able to solve the problem; only dr. Rays with care

appropriate and innovative, he managed to bring blood pressure back to normal without the aid of any drugs.

Gianni Campanella

At first I was skeptical, having never heard of the laser, but not even after a week did I change my mind because after years the pressure began to slowly go down and then it has now stabilized at perfect values.

I am also very satisfied because the sacrifices have not been many.

I have been following this change of life for 5 weeks and I am happy with it.

I highly recommend the dotor Raggi and I recommend you follow his advice.

Patrizio Dezi

With simple dietary changes I managed to normalize blood pressure, saving me expensive and not entirely safe pharmacological treatments. I advise.

Cristiano Bernardi

Excellent from every point of view, positive results also observed in the long term. I recommend it without any doubt.

Francesca Martinelli

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