How to cure high blood pressure with the

IpertensioneOK method in 3 weeks











Who is a candidate for Hypertension Ok ?

The HypertensionOK method is suitable for those who:

  • they experience hypertension as a burden;
  •  are treating hypertension only with medicines;
  • show hypertensive crisis with strong pressure peaks;
  • have fluctuating pressure
  • besides medicines, can not regulate blood pressure;
  •  have side effects of antihypertensive medicines that they can no longer handle;
  •  have just discovered high-pressure values;

The 3 stages of the Hypertension methodOK


Analysis of the specific clinical case

The first phase of the method involves detailed analysis of your personal situation, with the aim of identifying your weaknesses, the mistakes you make and anything that can be improved.

Following our proven medical protocol, we will analyze your clinical history and lifestyle. You will probably need to perform additional medical tests, which will allow us to fully understand the physiology and biochemistry of your body.

All the tests that are recommended are: non-invasive, risk-free, simple and quick to perform.

In addition to specific medical tests, our protocol includes a thorough evaluation of your clinical history with 187 questions. These are intended to track down your mistakes.

Now, watch the video and find out how to cure high blood pressure without making mistakes.


Identification of personalized therapy

According to the European Guidelines for the treatment of high blood pressure, HypertensionOK offers particular emphasis to improving your lifestyle, instead of trying to cure only using medications.

Treating high blood pressure, using data from the latest scientific researches, has become a fundamental – but often underestimated – issue. Our HypertensionOK medical team will help you to find your personalized therapy based on: nutrition, physical activity, stress management exercises, cure for sleep apneas, drugs (if needed), supplements and bio medical technologies.

The solution will also be customized according to your tastes, habits and preferences.


Application of the antihypertensive strategy

Applying the customized solution with the utmost respect for our patients is one of our strengths. People are the center of our attention and that is the reason why Dr. Raggi and his staff devote our time to provide all the necessary information about the suffered pathology and the possible treatment.

Consciousness is the first step for healing. That is why we want to help all our patients deeply understanding their problems and give them possible solutions. Once pressure has normalized by three weeks, we will give the patient detailed instructions to keep results over time.

ipertensione medico specialista

Our IpertensioneOK points

 Dr Raggi Francesco Health Center
TERNI – via Primo Maggio 65

 Flexorlab Polyclinic
PERUGIA -S.Martino In Campo – Via Donatella 12

 Luma Medigroup Health Center
LATINA – Via Carrara, 38A

Hypertension: discover the 7 most common mistakes

In this digital document wtitten by Dr Raggi discover:

  • An important examination for setting  a correct antihypertensive therapy wich  many people have never done.
  • How a hypertensive person should exercise and should NOT.
  • How to reduce pressure with natural remedies without health risks.
mockup 7 errori ipertensione


Dr. Francesco Raggi is a medical doctor, specialist in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, expert in low-power- intravenous laser technology and ozone therapy.

He is the first Italian physician to use low-power intravenous laser, after having carried out numerous trainings on this technique in Finland, Germany, and Russia.

After his graduation at Università Degli Studi di Perugia in 2001, he decided to study abroad to know more about the techniques learned during his academic work.

Dr. Raggi’s passion for research and knowledge led him to the International Society for laser Applications, with which he has a deep and intense scientific and working relationship.

In 2008 Dr. Raggi won a reward as “Best Young Researcher” at the Laser Helsinki International Congress with his friend and colleague Dr. Giuseppe Vallesi, thanks to their presentation: “Intravenous Laser in Sport Medicine”.

In 2010 he has been nominated as Italian representative of the E.M.L.A Parliament (European Medical Laser Association).

Back in Italy, he started his clinical activity as a freelancer, implementing innovative technologies and methods which have pragmatic results on diseases.

Moreover, he has been studying deeply low-power-intravenous laser technology, ozone therapy, shock wave, ultrasound (ECO FAST), darkfield and phase contrast microscopy and phototherapy, used into his work, for many years.

Despite his intense clinical activity, Dr. Raggi continued learning the biological effects of lasers, especially those related to cardio-circulatory problems (hypertension, ischemia, obliterant arteriopathy, maculopathy, etc.) and metabolic diseases (type 2 diabetes).

Combining an interest in technology with the use of natural methods, he developed the OKHypertension method for the treatment of high blood pressure without any addition of medicine product.

His strong technological vocation has not neglected the aspects related to more natural methods (lifestyle correction, healthy nutrition, and medicinal plants) which he considers to be the fundamental pillar of any therapy.

Specialized in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Dr. Raggi has been able to handle topics about prevention and lifestyle correction for the promotion of health and well-being.

Accordingly, patients are treated not only with “simple and generic advice” like “do physical activity, no fat and much fruit”, but also through a specific and personalized correction of their lifestyle, giving them information about errors they make.

Besides his passion for research, Dr. Raggi cultivates an interest in new technologies diffusion in the scientific community: he has been the organizer of three conferences about the new medical methods and technologies at S. Maria Hospital, in Terni and he often enjoys international convention about low-power-laser technology as a speaker.

Where we are

TERNI – via Primo Maggio 65
PERUGIA- S. Martino In Campo – Via Donatella 12
LATINA – Via Carrara, 38A

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