I live a considerable distance from your medical centers, how should I organize myself?

There are 2 possibilities:

  • if you are not too far away, you should go back without stopping in Terni, as you need to stay in the clinic for 30 minutes for 3 days a week (every other day). However if you come by car it is good to be accompanied.
  • if you come from more distant places it is advisable to find a receptive structure with the use of the kitchen, to have the opportunity to cook food according to the Hypertension MethodOK.

I live a considerable distance from your medical centers, do I have to bring the pressure device or other instruments?

Yup! You need to bring: the pressure device, the digital scale (the common one that is also found in the supermarket), the centimeter to measure the abdomen circumference the device to measure the blood sugar (only if diabetic)

I don’t know how to cook, can I get myself to cook diet foods from a restaurant?
It’s possible! But we recommend learning to cook properly following the Hypertension MethodOK as the effects will be faster and more pronounced.


What does the IPERTENSIONEOK ™ package include and how much does it cost?

During the 3 weeks the following are carried out:

  • 3 Specialist medical examinations (initial, check and final)
  • 9 sessions of intravenous laser therapy carried out by the professional nurse, lasting 30 minutes for 3 days a week
    Elaboration of 1 personalized diet lasting 2 weeks according to the patient’s state of health and his tastes, NOT low-calorie and NOT weighed.
  • 3 sessions of with fast-reset operator for stress management
    Elaboration of 1 second maintenance diet

How can payment be made?
Payment can be made in cash, credit card, check, advance transfer.

Can my health insurance reimburse me for HYPERTENSION OK?
If your insurance provides for reimbursement of specialist medical visits, diets and laser therapy, you can completely download the whole package. Otherwise you can download the individual items recognized by your insurance. To have more security on these aspects, we recommend that you speak to your insurance consultant.

How do I make an appointment?
To book the first visit of the IPERTENSIONEOK Method, you must call the number 392 9403760 active from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 20.00

I have already searched the FAQs, but I have not found the answer to my question, how can I do it?

If you cannot find the answer in the FAQ, you can write to us at info@ipertensioneok.com or contact us by phone at 392 9403760 and you will receive an answer from the customer service. The service is available from Monday to Friday.

What are the waiting times to make the first visit and start HYPERTENSION OK?
We try to be very quick in providing the first appointment because we know the risks of hypertensive patients. If yours is an urgent case, report it to the secretary. Average waiting times for the first visit are around 5-7 days.

I can deduct the cost of the IPERTENSIONEOK treatment
Of course, as with any other medical expense.

Where is the medical center that carries out the therapies of the IPERTENSIONEOK system?
Currently IPERTENSIONEOK is carried out in Terni, Latina and Perugia

I wish I could receive further advice (for free) on the correct lifestyle and nutrition, what can I do?
Subscribe to the hypertensionOK youtube channel by clicking here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCawicHX3y9dOQaGXMffR1jg?sub_confirmation=1

I have made an appointment, what medical documentation should I bring?
recent blood tests if they have been performed, the list of medications you take, the blood pressure values ​​of the last days measured in the morning and any other documentation attesting to other pathologies (e.g. abdomen ultrasound, electrocardiograms, blood pressure holter, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.).


HYPERTENSION OK is alternative medicine?
It is not about alternative medicine, it is about technological innovations combined with the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of Preventive Medicine (correct lifestyle and nutrition).

HYPERTENSIONOK Who was it designed by?
The method was conceived by Dr. Francesco Raggi, Specialist in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, expert in laser therapy, the first Italian doctor to have performed intravenous laser therapy

HYPERTENSION OK is a set of multiple techniques, but does the laser endovenous have scientific demonstrations?
The low power intravenous laser has been used for a long time in Northern Europe (for example: Germany and Finland), but also in the rest of the world (including the Philippines, so to speak) and it is a tested, certified technology with scientific literature behind it http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=intravenous+laser+blood which has shown important beneficial effects in terms of oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction (which are the two mechanisms underlying all pathologies cardiovascular, hypertension included)

Are homeopathic products used?
Homeopathic products are not used (towards which, however, Dr. Raggi has nothing against it) because to have an effect, generally they require medium-long times, while IPERTENSIONEOK must have a consistent antihypertensive effect and must take place in just 3 weeks. However, natural products are used as foods with particular properties, called superfoods (for example turmeric or ginger) and in some cases food supplements based on medicinal plants (for example Desmodio).

How long has IPERTENSIONEOK ™ been in existence?
IPERTENSIONEOK is a trademark that was registered in 2016, however the clinical method was created in 2010. The website has been online since January May 2016.

Who has tried it?
Many people have used it in recent years, now being the website active, we have also started to collect patient video testimonials.
You can see the testimonials on the hypertension website
They are real people! Those who consented to the testimony have released a written consent to show their sensitive data and thus show that it is not Mario or a generic Antonio … but real people with lots of names and surnames!

How long does the therapy last?
All visits and treatments are carried out within 3 weeks. Each week the patient goes to the office 3 times. After the therapy of about 30 minutes the client is completely free.

Do you need to stay in your facility?
No. Therapy is performed every other day after which the client is free and can do any activity.

How much does the pressure drop?
The goal is to reach values ​​below 140 mmhg of maximum pressure and below 90 for the minimum.

After how long does the pressure start to drop?
The pressure will begin to drop already after 3-4 days of treatment and will continue until the target is reached.

I take antihypertensive drugs and I want to do HYPERTENSION OK, can I?
Yes, especially if the drugs cannot control your blood pressure optimally.
So the first goal will be to normalize the pressure, continuing to take your usual drugs, then once the pressure is regularized, it will be necessary to gradually reduce the dosage of the drugs to avoid episodes of hypotension (too low pressure)

What could be the side effects of HYPERTENSION OK?
Meanwhile, it must be said that IPERTENSIONEOK does not use drugs, and that it wants to avoid the side effects of antihypertensive drugs. The low power intravenous laser is a technology studied and successfully applied in multiple areas for over 20 years.

The laser can make a significant drop in blood pressure appear in the patient taking antihypertensive drugs, linked to the simultaneous presence of the drugs and the laser (both of which have an antihypertensive effect) and this will be manifested by an important tiredness, drowsiness or feeling of vertigo which it will last a few hours.

In this case, the patient will simply have to lie down and rest, after which it will be necessary to reduce the dosage of the antihypertensive drug, to avoid episodes of low blood pressure. Correction of the drug dosage is always carried out under the supervision of the doctor.

In addition, as for all types of intravenous infusions or normal withdrawals or any puncture, even in this case, having to insert a small 22G needle into a vein in the arm, a small hematoma can be caused, which will show itself as a small purple spot in the arm.
The hematoma will reabsorb, without leaving anything, within a few days. The nurse has a great experience in inserting needles, in fact this occurrence is infrequent. Lifestyle correction and healthy eating only produce beneficial effects. Dietary supplements are very safe and are mainly normal foods such as flaxseed or fenugreek.
The 5-minute relaxation exercises are similar to yoga and have zero side effects. Fast-reset is an exercise derived from psychology techniques.

HYPERTENSIONOK has contraindications?
There are patients who cannot carry out this treatment:

those who take anticoagulants (not to be confused with antiplatelet agents),
those with some rare genetic diseases such as hemophilia, porphyria or leukemia or lymphomas
those with severe kidney problems, breastfeeding or pregnant women
those with type I diabetes who suffer from Atrial Fibrillation

During the 3-week period in which I carry out the HYPERTENSION treatment OK can I drive?
Patients have never had any problems so far, however patients taking antihypertensives are advised to avoid driving cars as hypotensive episodes (low blood pressure) may occur.

My wife cooks at home, I can’t do anything, how can I follow the diet?
It has already happened with some patients! There are 2 possibilities:
1- come with the wife who learns to cook according to the requirements of Dr. Raggi
2- come on your own and “roll up your sleeves!”

If my pressure normalizes in these 3 weeks, then what happens next?
IPERTENSIONEOK will provide you with all the knowledge about lifestyle that will allow you to maintain your normal values ​​in the long run. However according to the medical indications you will have to carry out 1 check every 6-12 months and all wheel checks (blood tests, blood pressure monitor, etc).

I am worried about the Diet, because I get stressed only by the thought of being on a diet !. Will I be able to do HYPERTENSION OK?
You will succeed for sure! Because the IPERTENSIONEOK diet is designed for those like you! So you will not have to weigh anything and the quantities of food will be free! It is not a low calorie diet! you will not suffer from hunger pangs, you can use for example to season all the oil you want.

If I don’t have to weigh anything in the diet, what is it then?
Mainly eating the right foods at the right time, that’s all. Depending on the case, you will eat the first course, the second course, the side dishes and the fruit at the specific time for your metabolism

Do you lose weight during the treatment? And how much?
Yes, generally if you are overweight you lose 4 kg while eating everything and in free quantities, otherwise the weight remains normal.

How long have you known the effect of the intravenous laser?
Low power intravenous laser technology has been known for over 20 years and is widely used in Northern European countries such as Germany, Finland but also in Switzerland and Austria. It is also widely used in Russia. Today it is also used in the Philippines, so to speak!

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